Finally had my “Aha” moment! ecstatic!

Recently, after falling back into my old habits of trying to find a job, I finally turned everything around.

I started going out of my comfort zone to try new things. I humiliated myself, but I was adamant on learning and so I moved on to the next mistake until I finally got it.

During this phase, one of my good friends at work started discussing about all the things that our customers ask of us in retail. And the first thing we both said was “they want help setting up their new machinery” and more importantly “they want to know how to use it all with their phones, ipads and many other things”.

Instantly, the light bulb moment had never been brighter. We both spoke for hours after work about how we could help all of our customers by giving them something that they always ask for us.

Now, its worth mentioning that there are a lot of people who might already be providing this service, but they charge a lot and are not focused on individuals but rather small businesses.

Furthermore, we will provide video tutorials to help our customers not only in Australia but all around the world. But our physical service will only be available to the locals in Sydney.

My friend and I are working on it everyday and we are hoping to launch the service within the next few weeks.

It is going to be something very unique and interesting!

Can’t Hardly Wait!

Yet Another Fantastic Experience!

I recently attended a sales seminar by Jordan Belfort.

Now there might be two questions in your head:

(1) Why the hec did I attend a sales seminar??

(2) And who is Jordan Belfort?


Firstly, who is Jordan… you should look him up, he is worth reading about!

Secondly, I attended the seminar to gain some perspective on my ability to sell.

I have had a background in retail… be precise, I have worked in retail for a little over six years. The one thing or rather skill set that is very important in such an environment is “Selling/Sales”. And as Jordan says – “If you are not selling in life, you are failing”. This made me realise that we are selling all the time in some form or the other.

It could be our blog, tweet, facebook comment or could be many more things. The only difference is “what end result do we desire”. For some people its about networking and for others its a way of making money.

As for me, if I want to set up an online business or any other business, I would have to sell very well to either investors or to potential customers.

And I must say the seminar was worth it. It showed me that I have the potential to be a fantastic sales person, although at the moment I am not even close to my peak. So, whilst I am still sorting through ideas and gathering funds to launch my first business, in my spare time, I am looking for a sales based job that will help me implement the things I learnt at the seminar.

I would highly recommend attending a sales seminar or something similar to anyone who is starting out in pursuit of their own venture/business. It is a skill worth having and perhaps the single most important skill if you would like to be successful on your own.

I want to end the post with a small story that Jordan told about his teens –

“I started selling meat door to door. My heart used to pound in my chest every time I used to knock on someone’s door. It was frightening. But I did it anyway. This is one of the abilities I have, I never let fear dictate my actions”…..

A long way to go

It has been too long since my last post.

The reason is that I have started to fall back into the comfort zone of finding a job, after getting frustrated for the last few months.

Not being able to find an idea or rather the “perfect idea”, has turned my head into the direction of stable job and income. 

So, I am fighting an inner battle at the moment to come up with some sort of a business idea, no matter how small.

Perhaps, I will have more to contribute to this blog when I am ably working towards an idea. At the moment, its just noise and no action.

Positive thing is that there is still a lot of fight left in the “enterpreneur me”. 

#771 Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left

True this is!

1000 Awesome Things

Peaceful and extremely quietDark windows, dead silence, dim moonlight dancing on the walls. The night is calm and quiet and peaceful.

And then BOOM: your eyes burst open and you bust out of bed in an adrenaline-gushing, brain-rushing, heart-crushing state of emergency. Dizzy and blind, you urgently stumble over to the clock as thoughts whip through your head — am I late for work, did I miss the buzzer, do I have time for a shower?

You swipe the clock, zoom it up to your squinty eyeballs, and get a good look.

“4:56 AM,” it screams in its trademark crisp, bright-red florescent silence. “4:56 AM.”

Thump Thump, you're alrightStunned, your wobbly brain slowly pieces it together. “That is too early much than I thought,” you think. “I should back into go to bed.”

And then a slow, thin smile curls on your lips as you turn to stare at your crumpled cocoon, readying yourself…

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Resources for Startups – a list by Dan Lewis (as stated on Quora)

I was going hrough Quora when I found this really great answer by Dan Lewis on how to generate new ideas. The reason why I liked it so much was because he focused the post on people like me.

People like me are the ones who don’t have a business idea but are trying to come up with one, so we can build something that would help solve a problem (& maybe generate some cash too).

The full post can be found here:

However, I took a small section which lists some important resources that I thought would be helpful to all.

First I’d sit back and read…

Startup advice and stories


Finance and Legal


Blogs by entrepreneurs:

Blogs by VCs:

Other blogs

Quora entrepreneurs to follow (there are a lot of ‘must follow’ lists of entrepreneurs on Quora, of which many aren’t very active. These people are)

Other people’s lists

Other resources:


What do you guys think!

A little help Please!

I need your suggestions/ideas on how should I go about my current situation.

After unsuccessfully spending the last two months, looking for a business idea, I now stand in the same place where I started from.

I am so tempted to find any full time job and to start earning some money like I used to. But strangely every time I sit down to look for a job, I am not able to find anything that suits me. It has gotten to the point where I can point out atleast 100 things, that might be wrong with a particular job position and therefore, 100 reasons why I shouldn’t go for that position – a hazard for dreaming too much about having your own business.

So, I keep hopping in between the two options. I keep looking for things to sell and I also try to find places/positions where I can sell myself (not literally but you know what I mean).

The result has been complete wastage of the past few weeks. But I will turn it around. I don’t exactly know how, but I will have to.

What do you guys think!