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Finally had my “Aha” moment! ecstatic!

Recently, after falling back into my old habits of trying to find a job, I finally turned everything around.

I started going out of my comfort zone to try new things. I humiliated myself, but I was adamant on learning and so I moved on to the next mistake until I finally got it.

During this phase, one of my good friends at work started discussing about all the things that our customers ask of us in retail. And the first thing we both said was “they want help setting up their new machinery” and more importantly “they want to know how to use it all with their phones, ipads and many other things”.

Instantly, the light bulb moment had never been brighter. We both spoke for hours after work about how we could help all of our customers by giving them something that they always ask for us.

Now, its worth mentioning that there are a lot of people who might already be providing this service, but they charge a lot and are not focused on individuals but rather small businesses.

Furthermore, we will provide video tutorials to help our customers not only in Australia but all around the world. But our physical service will only be available to the locals in Sydney.

My friend and I are working on it everyday and we are hoping to launch the service within the next few weeks.

It is going to be something very unique and interesting!

Can’t Hardly Wait!


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