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What do you think!!

People! I would love to have your opinion on this entry! What do you think I could have done better or more economically?

I was just watching few videos of Seth Godin. He is an author, entrepreneur and founder of squidoo and has been a great source of inspiration for me (Oh No, I am afraid I don’t know him personally).

His philosophy in life has been “If I lose more than you do, I win”. I just love the way he makes it sound so cool. He also made me realise that my last few weeks have not been complete waste but instead were hard learnt lessons.


While walking past a local shop, I found some nice funky themed calendars on “clearance” which is a slick term for “unwanted stock” being put out for sale at a marked down price. The price was so low that I decided to buy about 17 of them so I could resell them (I can’t really blame the whispering devil now, can I?). Even the shop owner gave me that suspicious look.

Anyway, I came back home all excited and began thinking how was I going to sell those things. Then I thought – why not make a small and simple website. So, I sat down for 5-6 hours and got the website up and running. I was very proud in that moment.

I did advertising through local free ad sites like locanto, oz bargains (which blocked my account for some reason), craigslist & gumtree. I waited for about 3 weeks for a sale, but nothing ever happened. Finally I got desperate and put some calendars on ebay, where I luckily sold a few.

But in a nut shell, I didn’t make any profit, although I was happy to try, fail and lose $70 than to sit around and wait for the perfect opportunity.

I am now looking for the next product to sell and to make sure that I do everything to make a profit this time.

Do you guys have any suggestions for me!!!


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