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Not passionate enough!

People often say “Do what you are passionate about”. But what if you aren’t able to find something that you are passionate about. Does that mean you can’t be successful or rich or famous or whatever it is that you would like to be?

The answer is “yes you can achieve whatever you want”. Not knowing what you are passionate about should not be a reason for you to stop chasing your dreams. Like the Red Bull Ad says “The only limit is the one you set yourself”.

However it does get a bit tricky.

The main reason as to why successful people are successful is that they have made a lot of sacrifices. They have given away so much and have endured through so much discomfort that it actually defines how successful they are. And knowing your passion just makes it a little easier for you to sacrifice.

Eric thomas says “Success is all about being able to give up at any moment, who you are, for what you will become”. Its a deep thought but its true.

So as long as you are ready to give up sleep, food, sex, distracting friends or any other useless garbage time consuming activity, the world is yours and you can have what ever it is you like.



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