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Still a virgin?

After making your first ever website, you might feel like you are on the top of this world but that feeling will wear off very soon.

Before you know what hit you, you will be sweating on the results of google analytics and google webmaster, which by the way, never give you a satisfying result at the start.

But again, this is the real challenge – getting people to buy your products instead of the thousands that exist out there. Marketing is going to keep you sleepless, off course tired, won’t allow you to write any blog entries and will make you feel asexual.

However, the one thing you should look forward to under such difficult circumstances is your “first sale”. Getting your first customer is not only a confidence booster but is an orgasmic tsunami that might rank 10.0 on a richter scale, if there ever was one for measuring such a thing.

And yes, you guessed it right, I am still looking for my first sale…..


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