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Lets do a Xerox!

One of my favourite quotes by Oscar Wilde is “Be yourself because everyone else is taken” and rightly so. But unfortunately, this principle doesn’t always apply to business.

People often merge two ideas together to make them bigger, tear them apart to create niches and magnetize them so they affect other industries. Well not exactly magnetize but you get the point.

In fact, imitation is by far the most effective way of developing an idea and for progressing it into various different directions. I am sure most of us know the story of Bill gates and Xerox. So, if you have read this far, you might be wondering “what is the point that I am getting at”.

The point is that for a startup or for someone starting a small business, without a lot of financial backing, it is often easier to go for an already existing idea. The main reason is that the customers are already educated about the industry/product and so it’s easier to beat your own drum. This is off course if you are adding some value that your competitors aren’t.

So, whilst you are trying to come up with an innovative idea, pay your bills by imitating someone else’s….Let the hacking begin.




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