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First Dilemma

Recently, I have been trying to order machinery for my project from China. It has been a good lesson on how to negotiate and how to choose the best out of many good ones.

However, how to keep the final price lower than competitors is the main pressing concern at the moment. I thought I wasn’t going to buy the machinery at all but instead outsource the operations to suppliers in China and ask them to send out the finished products to the customers. This would have kept the price low.

But there are two problems;

(1) I realized that I had to be careful to not give out personal addresses of clients to suppliers in another country. That information is confidential.  But without sharing this information, the supplier would again have to send the product to me and then I would send it to the customer. The two time transport cost puts my price the same as my competitors. I guess they are already doing what I am thinking of doing.


(2) And if I do buy the machinery and lets say the business goes down the drains in the next 6-8 months, what would I do with the machinery itself. I tried to find places where I could sell such machines, but didn’t find anything except for recycling places. They won’t give me much money if anything at all for a specialty bulky machine costing around USD7000.


Its ethics versus my whole first business!




4 thoughts on “First Dilemma

    • Thanks Anthony!

      I just saw your blog and all I can say is that its truely inspiring. Feels like you are speaking for all us grads who feel useless and lost, after a degree.

      Keep us posted on your business plans!

      • Hey, thanks a lot! Haha, that means a lot to me. Glad you could find something useful! I’ll be working hard to give you great stuff:) You’re awesome! You make me want to blog more!!

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