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Is Cash Really the King

One of my friends is very adamant about this and a firm believer that cash or lack thereof is the primary reason for the failure of any business. Therefore, he never started a business since he never had “enough” funds.

Scott Gerber is a serial entrepreneur and the author of the book “Never get a real job”. He mentions in his book about “these” kind of people who always have a reason for not getting started. Sometimes,

(1)    They don’t have time

(2)    Most of the other times they are out of money and

(3)    Their idea already exists/not innovative enough


Although, I have to agree that I work part-time so I get enough time to work towards my business, but I only work part –time since I have a business to think about. Time is money and the good thing is you will always find it if you really want to do something.

As far as Cash goes, I have to admit that I needed some sort of money in the bank before I started thinking about my own buisness. I worked seven days a week for three months to arrange it. But not surprisingly, in terms of my friend, I still don’t have enough to make it work. So, I intend to make up for the lack of cash with something far more superior, something that weighs 1.5kg and sits in between my two ears.

Simon Sinek is a famous guy. If you don’t know about him, look him up, I bet you will like him. He says if you are “really” passionate about an idea that already exists, you will find a way to make it better. Read the last line again because it is gold.

Tenacity, courage and little bit of luck is all that is required to not only get a business up and running but to keep it that way in the future to come.


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