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Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

When Hurricane Sandy raged up the East Coast last October, Hoboken, New Jersey was among the hardest hit areas. Yet many of the city’s residents demonstrated remarkable resilience in the aftermath of the storm.

One local business owner even found inspiration for a new product line.

Karen Nason is the owner of Hoboken HotHouse, a home and garden store/cafe she opened in 2011 at age 46. After the superstorm struck, Nason tried to wade through the hurricane-flooded streets to check on her store. As reported by this article, she couldn’t see the manhole covers beneath the churning, murky water. Understandably, she was terrified about what might happen if one of the covers became dislodged.

When Nason finally made it to her boutique two days after the storm, the intricate pattern on a nearby manhole cover caught her eye. And then, an idea took hold.

Nason now has a line of handmade, silk-screened pillows, T-shirts, candles, mugs and other items featuring the design from the ornate manhole cover near her shop. The co-designer for the new product line – Hoboken Works – is artist…

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